Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh Shit

I've written before about walking and riding around the closed parts of the City Park golf course before, but I don't think I've ever mentioned the flooded areas that I encounter from time to time. I'm not referring to low-lying parts of the park that chronically flood after heavy rains, I frequently (less frequently now than a year or two ago) come across marshy areas when it hasn't rained for days. It never smells funky and I can often see water oozing up from what must be a broken pipe, so I've never worried about it when I've had to walk through, as opposed to around, these artificial swamps. That is, I never worried until I saw this report (video) about the alleged dumping of raw sewerage in City Park. I know, the alleged dumping was down a manhole, not on the golf course, but I'll probably be a lot more squeamish about walking through flooded areas from now on.

I haven't seen any public notice of plans to to begin work on the east and west golf courses anytime soon, but I have noticed that what appears to be surveyor's stakes recently and they do seem to love closing things off to the public in City Park. I understand that ultimately the east and west courses will be closed for construction so that they can re-open for golf, but the area residents that walk, bicycle and take their dogs out there will deserve some notice. I'm probably just being paranoid, but the north course ended up being closed for construction about a week after this article was published. I'd hate to have to go all Joe the Plumber on Bob Becker and plan on getting rich so I can plan on not giving City Park any money.

I had a medical procedure yesterday that left me too groggy to finish the Veronica White, Sanitation Department, Ray Nagin/Jimmie Woods linkorama, hope to put it up Friday. Of course, I can't resist saying I told you so:
Veronica White has shown herself to be one of the biggest shit maker-uppers in an administration full of shit maker-uppers. Throw in the fact that Lupin was far from alone in his assertion that White lied and I think that there's only one reasonable conclusion.

Didn't realize how often I had posted about the sanitation department. For anyone who wants to expose the corruption of the Nagin administration, the technology office isn't the only weak link.

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