Thursday, July 27, 2006

But Are The New Cans Bombproof?

Remember when most of the city's garbage cans disappeared in March? You might remember that, in April, Chris Rose found out that the missing cans had been removed to be "cleaned and serviced." Yet, according to today's paper:
Sanitation Director Veronica White said her agency plans to sponsor citywide cleanups for each weekend in August and soon will place 500 new trash cans on downtown sidewalks.

So, what happened? Did it take four months for somebody to realize that the old cans couldn't be cleaned and serviced? Bear in mind, these weren't just any old garbage cans, they were state-of-the-art, bomb proof garbage cans that the entire city could be proud of. No bomb-throwing intended, but there some obvious questions that somebody should ask. What happened to the old, bomb proof cans? Are the new cans also bomb proof? How much did they cost? Who got the contract, was it TSG? Can we start making lame, juvenile jokes about White on Rice? If the paper meant to say, "500 newly cleaned (and serviced) garbage cans," how much did the city pay for the cleaning and servicing?.

Just to be clear, I really don't try to be local blogosphere's version of a Fox Democrat. I don't even try to channel the spirit of William Proxmire, but remember:
"A small amount of money in pay is holding up billions of dollars for our city," developer Angelo Farrell said.

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