Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bike Ride of the Month

Since the Picayune seems to have abandoned or scaled back its weekly Sports Venture feature, somebody needs to pick up the slack. So, with several caveats, the August Ride of the Month is the cart paths of the City Park golf courses. First caveat, it's definitely for mountain or fat tire bikes. Though the paths are paved, the sidewalks are in pretty bad shape. Also, because of the curved paths, you may find yourself needing to circle back or cut across an often marshy green. Even though there's nothing to vandalize and the greens are too far gone to require maintenance, I'm sure that I'm violating some law or regulation by riding out there. Final caveat, the golf courses are mostly deserted. Because it's easy to lose time backtracking on the curved paths, if you like to ride near sunset, you can find yourself in a dark, deserted area.

That said, it's the only place in the city where you can ride without dealing with traffic or a trail packed with walkers, joggers, skaters and other cyclists. Actually, I've only been active again for a few weeks now, I have no idea what some other spots are like, but City Park more shade than on the levee and more space than Audubon. Anyway, I think it's a nice place for riding and it's a part of the park you won't be able to use much longer. If you like riding in the morning, you can listen to the city's newest conservative talk show host:
Rob Couhig, the high-powered lawyer turned mayoral contender turned adviser to Mayor Ray Nagin, is about to add another line to his resumé: radio talk-show host.

Couhig said he has signed on to co-host the 5 to 8 a.m. drive-time shift on WRNO-FM, which is about to drop the classic-rock format it has featured for nearly four decades in favor of a news-talk approach.

Well, Couhig is a loud mouth bloviator. He'll fit rght in on talk radio. Imagine waking up to him? Oy...
As if New Orleans didn't already have enough loud mouthed conservatives who always sound like they're yanking up their pants after spitting in a can.

When's the bike ride?
I'd be up for it anytime. Well I'm busy through this weekend, but the following or any weekday after six. Hell, uptown I could bring shorts to work and make it earlier.
Where did I see that there was some large-scale, day-long bike ride around town? I don't recall. I thought that's what you were referring to. Anyway, biking is about the only exercise I get anymore, but I love it. Anytime. Offline schroeder915 at yahoo dot com or 344-3366.
The Picayune used to supplement its Sports section with outdoor stuff every week. I think it was on Wednesday and called Sports/Venture, it gave listings for various group activities, but would also have items like ride, paddle, hike etc. of the month. I saw that they were hoping to re-open the city park golf courses, at least one of them, and thought I'd recommend using it for other things while you could. But yeah, let get my brother to give me a hand fixing something on my bike and let's go. I'll email you, or email me.
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