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The biggest outrage of the past week had to have been the NFL's insult of Rickey Jackson:
Jackson had to rush the passer, play the run and drop into coverage. He was exceptional against the run, and an iron man who seldom missed a start. The Saints became a respectable team in the mid-80s largely because of their defense, which featured a quartet of linebackers - Jackson, Pat Swilling, Vaughan Johnson and the late Sam Mills - that made plays all over the field. Mills was the brains of the "Dome Patrol" but Jackson was its backbone.

Jackson played 15 years in the NFL and won a Super Bowl ring with the 49ers in the 1994 season. He finished with 136 sacks, considerably more than Dean or Tippett's totals, and had eight interceptions. Perhaps most amazing, however, was his 29 career fumble recoveries. Dude obviously had a nose for the ball. He played in six Pro Bowls.

If the continued snubbing is outrage no. 1 this week, the fact that the Biloxi paper wrote about it, but the New Orleans paper did not, is outrage 1A.

Outrage no. 2: It looks like New Orleans won't be hosting a presidential debate.

Outrage three: The City Attorney is demanding transparency from the Inspector General:
New Orleans Inspector General Robert Cerasoli on Monday rejected a request by the city attorney that he notify her office whenever he begins an investigation of a city agency.

In a letter to Cerasoli on Friday, Penya Moses-Fields said, "It would be helpful if, in the future, you would provide a direct communication to my office when you initiate an investigation."

Maybe, that was a joke, rather than an outrage.

Outrage four: On Informed Sources Errol Laborde gave the impression that the NOAH scandal was primarily a political problem for the mayor. He seemed to think that it made the mayor look more inept than dishonest. Worse, he rightly praised Lee Zurik's reporting on the story, but he didn't mention any bloggers. He even said that the story demonstrated the influence of the internet because WWL's website made everything available online and that helped keep the story alive (true enough), but he brought up the internet and the NOAH story without mentioning Squandered Heritage or We Could Be Famous. Believe it or not, one the reasons for that I've been blogging less frequently is that I've started to have second thoughts about the constant media criticism. However, I really don't feel bad about any of the negative things that I may have written about Informed Sources or its producer.*

Outrage five: Over half of the companies (42 out of 78by my count) on one of the S&WB's State-Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program approved vendor lists are not located in New Orleans. The other list is much longer and I'm basically too lazy to do the counting; it appears to be about evenly split between companies located inside and outside of Orleans Parish. I can't find a DBE list for the city, or lists for individual agencies; I assume that any such list would contain many of the same companies. I hate to bring up as sensitive a topic as the city's DBE program so soon after Stacy Head's foolishness, and I really don't want to scrap the entire DBE program. However, I'd like to hear one good reason for the city government to give preferential treatment ot out-of-town firms. If I'm reading this correctly, an airport consultant with an interesting past advised the RTA to pick its management team on the basis of its ability to come up with creative ways to give business to poltically-connected firms, even if they're headquartered in other cities.

Tuesday morning outrage: KBR finds a solution to its rape problem. To be fair, KBR cited vague security reasons, rather than rape, as the reason for the ban.

*Wish I had a transcript of the May 16th or could remember what prompted me to write:
Oh, earlier in the show, the panelists gave the distinct impression that the days of NOPD officers being accused of criminal activity are behind us.

every body needs a break from this shit from time to time.

recharge your sanity.

you cant try to save your neighborhood 24/7 and not suffer in your home life. trust me.

take a break and come back swinging
I must be slipping. I noted each of these "outrages" myself (with the exception of number five) and lazily let the opportunity pass to complain about them on the internet. What the hell is wrong with me?

Rickey Jackson is probably the best all-around football player I've ever seen. Leaving him out of the Hall is just plain awful. I've read elsewhere that the problem is Peter Finney doesn't like him. Finney is a crappy pro-football writer who only has a say in this because he's been around so long.
Thanks, Gentilly (Rick?). I probably gave the wrong impression. Trying to go for a bike ride or long walk from 6:30 or 7 tii 8 or 8:30 every night* until I lose the weight I gained while I was semi-laid up keeps me from getting around to this until fairly late at night. When I was writing angry blog posts, there was no point in trying to stop half way through a post and finish the next day, because I'd be wide awake anyway. The unfortunate side effect of trying to put myself into a calm, less angry state of mind before blogging is that it usually seems much more reasonable to just go to bed.

Well, it would have been difficult on comment on "We Don't Question Our Inside Sources (too strongly)" over the weekend, because the video link wasn't on the web site. Did you notice that that the previous week's show was the only time Lee Zurik failed to credit bloggers? Since he's credited them every other time, I wondered if the other gatekeepers on the set didn't want him to. I obviously can't speak for the bloggers who deserve the credit, but since Zurik's been good about sharing credit every other time he's discussed the story, I'd give him a pass on this one.

Actually, a google search made it look like N.E. fans had been lobbying for Tippett (online petitions, etc.) for a couple of years before he made it, but the N.E. media also did a lot of the lobbying.

*Since the doctor ruled out most of the exercises that are easy to do inside (push-ups, sit-ups, most weight lifting), I really want to take advantage of the longer daylight.
Can you get access to a swimming pool?

Good stuff and easy on the old or over weight bones and joints.

It's also good for the head.

I really don't recommend the Sainted John's Bayou for this activity.

U.N.O. and the N.O.A.C. are my faves.

Take Care.
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