Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Informed Sources" Explained

If you watched last night's edition of Informed Sources you found out that crime in New Orleans is a problem because the Parisians sent all of their criminals here in 1719, which, of course, explains the violent streets of Canberra. I'm exaggerating, but only slightly. However, that was Errol Laborde talking, and, though I couldn't say exactly why, I've never expected much from Mr. LaBorde. What made last night's edition the second worst ever (for a description of the worst, just click) was Allen Johnson's casual reference to a wilding incident in Palmer Park. He indicted that Larry Lorenz had referred to "the incident," but it must have been a passing reference; I didn't catch it. Maybe I'm being hypercritical, but I found it unacceptable that a reporter who was introduced as specializing in crime reporting at the start of the show, a devoted to the city's recent crime problem, referred to "a wilding incident" in Palmer Park. Read about the "wilding" and decide for yourself. Oh, earlier in the show, the panelists gave the distinct impression that the days of NOPD officers being accused of criminal activity are behind us. Off the top of my head, I can think of three incidents of NOPD officers being accused of serious wrongdoing in about the last month.

By pure coincidence, I found myself looking at an old copy of New Orleans magazine while I waited for a haircut this afternoon. Something in a column by the show's executive producer leapt out at me:
Both Muniz and Nagin are New Orleans natives who in their own way speak the language. Both try to do right and neither has been tainted with corruption.

I think we've found Nagin's third monkey.

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