Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Champion of Transparency

"Transparency and accountability must be the cornerstones of government," said Mayor C. Ray Nagin. "This Citizen Guide is another step towards bringing government and citizens together. I am very pleased to deliver it into the hands of the people of New Orleans."

Transparency in government is a priority objective for CBNO/MAC, and the "Citizen Guide" reflects Mayor Nagin's follow-through on a pledge he made during the 2002 campaign to work with the Committee to implement this objective.
website City of New Orleans

"All I can say is that the allegations that he, that the senator is making regarding an investigation about the mayor, aren't true," she said. She said Nagin "has a proven track record, from his first term until now, of being a champion of transparency."
Nagin's press secretary

“I ain’t helping you sensationalize nothing,” he said. “You can go and find that information somewhere else.”
Nagin himself

That last quote came when the mayor was questioned about an earlier WWL investigation into the city's 311 system -- an investigation in which members of the mayor's staff went to ridiculous lengths to avoid answering questions.

Before Katrina, didn't the Times Picayune have an op-ed columnist who was famous for exposing the hypocrisy of elected officials whose actions failed to match their rhetoric? What happened to that guy?

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