Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who is Clover Davis?

Nagin's political finance report lists several expenditures totaling almost $25,000 to Clover Davis & Associates for "consulting & office management." The odd thing is, I couldn't find any listing for either "Clover Davis" or "Davis, Clover" on the state's corporate database. However, a google search reveals that in July 2006 she helped coordinate the Nagin campaign "sunset 'thank you' cruise on the Silicon Bayou. She was apparently acting as an employee of the Nagin campaign at that time. A month later, she seemed to be working for the city in an official capacity. Shortly thereafter, Nagin was paying her firm consulting fees.

BTW, I'm really glad that WWL posted that report with the expenditures, because that kind of information is a pain in the ass to find at the Board of Ethics website. As it is, I couldn't find Nagin's 2006 campaign expenditures to determine whether Davis was paid by the city and the Nagin campaign at the time.

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