Saturday, February 09, 2008

Somewhat embarassed

I really should have put a little more thought (or just a little thought at all) into a paragraph that appeared in this post:
Not surprisingly, last night's WWL report, and my post on it, led me to check the Secretary of State's website to see if Nagin had filed a new campaign finance report. I couldn't find it; I seemed to have a much easier time finding that sort of thing before Jay Dardenne took over and revamped the website. I know that there are more important things to judge a secretary of state on, but I am curious as to whether anybody else has experienced the same thing.

As a commenter pointed out, campaign finance reports are filed with the State Board of Ethics, not the Secretary of State's office. The Secretary's of State's office merely provides a link to the Board of Ethics. I have noticed what I mentioned, but obviously Jay Dardenne's office would have responsibility for the problem, if it's even a problem. I didn't give it much thought because, when I first noticed it, I assumed it a case of inadequate sample size -- a couple of easy searches before the 2006 mayoral elections, a couple of frustrating searches recently. I never considered it worth mentioning in part because of the sampling consideration, but also because I assumed that nobody outside of the blogosphere would judge a state agency by the number of mouse clicks that it takes a blogger to find material for a post. Seeing information on WWLTV on Friday night that I failed to find online Friday afternoon led to a brain fart that I should have kept to myself. I apologize for the criticism of Jay Dardenne's office.

I know that pointecoupeedemocrat and lamar over at CenLamar have some issues with how Dardenne has revampted the site. Other than that, I haven't had any issues.
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