Monday, July 09, 2007

An Honorable Man

You really have to admire Aaron Broussard for the compassionate letter to the editor that he wrote about sometimes nemesis John Young. Being the gentleman that he is, Broussard said that the media should feel to air the details of his divorce because there are no children involved. However, he felt "compelled to comment on The Times-Picayune's efforts to unseal the divorce records and report on the domestic matters involving John Young, his former wife, Mary Lou McCall, and related stories about Sen. Julie Quinn and her former husband, Pat Quinn." You see, there are children involved in those divorces and they could get hurt. What a prince.

Sorry to link to myself again, but background can be found here.

I agree, classy move by Broussard. Now I just wish he and the JP Council would stop pumping floodwater into New Orleans during heavy rains.
Actually, I was being a little sarcastic. I don't thing he was acting like the old gossip who "innocently" asks if somebody is still getting drunk and beating up his wife, but I do think it was not-so-subtle warning. Otherwise, the reference to John Young's involvement in the Quinn divorce would have been left out.
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