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A Good Christian Divorce


I normally don't care about the personal lives of politicians,* but this is too good to pass up. Also, it's a chance to answer a largely unasked question -- why doesn't Aaron Broussard seem to have any serious re-election opponents?

In the aftermath of Katrina and the evacuation of the Jefferson Parish pumping stations, John Young seemed to be Broussard's most likely challenger. Broussard seemed so worried about Young that he even called him a liar at a public meeting. As recently as April, Clancy DuBos wondered whether "scandal-free" John Young would get involved in a tough campaign against Broussard now, or run for re-election to his own at-large Jefferson Parish council seat and run for parish president in four years when Broussard would be term-limited out.

Frankly, I wonder at times if Clancy's being disingenuous or just plain dense. At the time he wrote that column, DuBos knew, or should have known, about John Young's involvement in, not one, but two messy divorces -- his own and Julie Quinn's. At the time that DuBos wrote that article, a report about the police being called when Patrick Quinn allegedly violated his estranged wife's restraining order against him had already appeared in the Picayune. Though the story focused on the Quinns, it did mention the "friendship" between Julie Quinn and John Young. I looked for the story when Oyster recently wrote about Patrick Quinn, but it doesn't seem to be available online -- I'll check LexisNexis Monday.

Now there's news that Young's ex-wife, Christian reporter Mary Lou McCall claims that Julie Quinn slapped her (McCall's) child:
The incident occurred May 19 at Quinn's Old Metairie home while she was watching two of McCall and Young's children, as well as her own, according to the incident report. Quinn broke up a fight between the 8-year-old and her children when McCall's son pulled away and cursed at her, the report said. The child told a deputy that Quinn then hit him in the face, the report said.

That's a new twist on the story, but the story's been around for months. I don't think it's enough to cause permanent damage to Young's career, but there are obvious reasons why he might not want to get involved in a tough race right now.

Apparently, McCall wasn't the only family member involved in Christian television --from Young's Jefferson Parish web page:

Legal and Political Analyst, FOCUS TV Talkshow (1998 Present)

Board of Directors, St. Thomas Moore Catholic Lawyers Association

More about Focus Christian TV:
Focus Christian TV is the exciting new Internet network which will bring family oriented programming consisting of religious, entertaining, informative news and cultural shows to every Catholic, especially the youth. It is in direct response to Pope John Paul II’s directive in his encyclical, Mission of the Redeemer. The pope said, "The means of social communications have become so important that as to be for many the chief means of information and education, of guidance and inspiration in their behavior as individuals, families and within society at large." The pope has repeatedly called upon "God’s faithful people" to use the technological marvels of this age "to serve the human and transcendent vocation of every person and thus to give glory to the Father from whom all good things come."

*Unless, their personal lives seem (penultimate paragraph) to overlap with their personal investments (2nd item).

Update: Found a working link to that earlier story about John Young and the Quinn's divorce. I'll admit to getting some enjoyment out of reading about Old Matairie Republicans acting like Springer Show trailer trash, but it also shows why DuBos should have known that Young was no longer likely to get into a race with Broussard. Hence the question about whether DuBos is sometimes disingenuous, or just plain dense. link:
Mix a hotel mogul and two Jefferson Parish politicians with a court-issued protective order, and you've got yourself a weekend of finger-pointing, bruised egos and jail time.

The saga of state Sen. Julie Quinn's quickly curdling divorce fight seems to have reached a boiling point. And at the nadir of it all seems to be Patrick Quinn, owner of several local hotels and the senator's estranged husband, who said his wife has been dating Parish Councilman John Young.

"Saturday was bad, and Sunday was worse," Patrick Quinn said Monday, a day after being released from jail.

On Sunday, he said he went to Young's house to tell the councilman to stay away from the two children that he fathered with Julie Quinn. Young did not answer the door, Patrick Quinn said.

Have you checked the state Senate Judiciary A site this session? Julie Quinn is using her clout as chair of this committee to throw the law into her favor. Obviously Louisiana politics is alive and well, stronger than ever.
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