Monday, January 30, 2006

Anyone who just saw the Countdown segment on charitable giving for Katrina victims might have noticed that Lisa Myers repeated the $85B spin point. I'm afraid that it's become an accepted talking point, but it couldn't hurt to email Countdown. There's a link on the Countdown link, or you can email them directly: Show repeats at 11

Updated Tues 1/31
correct link for last night's Countdown.Closing line of segment:

The federal government has designated $85 billion, and many believe even that won‘t be enough.

The segment wasn't about federal Katrina spending, but I'm afraid that the doubly inflated (the $67B wasn't all relief and reconstruction, that was padded by $18B) $85 figure has gained general acceptance. It'll make it that much harder to get more funding.

Hey, let's stop begging Washington for money. Louisiana has the power to tax refinery oil at a dollar a barrel. That would raise 985 million a year, enough to bond out to fund our own coastal restoration and levees.
I'm sick of begging in Washington.
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