Monday, September 06, 2010

Poor Brett Favre

Watching last year's NFC Cahampionship, I agreed with the announcer who you can hear saying that he thought the penalty shown at the beginning of this clip was a bad call.

Also, I really didn't get the call on McCray. I'm sure I could find a clip if I looked a little harder, but I'm still not up for putting that kind of time into blog posts. Jason Cole described the play just as I saw it:
The blows weren’t cheap, but they were hard and they were constant.

McCray’s hit was flagged in the first quarter came after Favre handed off and appeared to go for a block.

I guarantee you that if Mark Sanchez had taken that hit in the Jets playoff game, the announcers wouldn't have been talking about the vicious hit, they would have called it a rookie error. They would have made a few comments about the learning curve for a rookie QB and it would have been quickly forgotten. I defy any Viking fan to tell me otherwise.

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