Monday, September 06, 2010

Poor Brett Favre

Watching last year's NFC Cahampionship, I agreed with the announcer who you can hear saying that he thought the penalty shown at the beginning of this clip was a bad call.

Also, I really didn't get the call on McCray. I'm sure I could find a clip if I looked a little harder, but I'm still not up for putting that kind of time into blog posts. Jason Cole described the play just as I saw it:
The blows weren’t cheap, but they were hard and they were constant.

McCray’s hit was flagged in the first quarter came after Favre handed off and appeared to go for a block.

I guarantee you that if Mark Sanchez had taken that hit in the Jets playoff game, the announcers wouldn't have been talking about the vicious hit, they would have called it a rookie error. They would have made a few comments about the learning curve for a rookie QB and it would have been quickly forgotten. I defy any Viking fan to tell me otherwise.

And wasn't there a dubious pass-interference call early in the game that moved the Vikings across the field and essentially handed them a touchdown? Without that, there is no close game to speak of.

The league is protecting the Brett Favre property. Your Sanchez parallel is very apt. Makes me sick.
Yeah, there were a few questionable calls that went the Vikings way early in the game. I actually got more pissed off at Saints fans after the game than Vikings fans. You had to expect Vikings fans to only notice the calls that went against them, and even impartial observers are more likely to notice the late calls. But the overwhelming majority of saints fans responded by talking about turnovers instead of questionable calls that went Minnesota's way.
Still crying about a game you won last year? Awesome.
Awesome job of reading my mind, mood and motives. Even more awesome characterization of a self-pitying, lachrymose post. Nobody could have possibly seen the post as an attempt to answer attempts to work the refs that Brad Childress and Minnesota fans were engaging in prior to the game or as defense of the Saints players who were still be accused of taking cheap shots.
Computer froze on me and me lose my train of thought, but feel free to make fun of the verb tense in that last sentence.
give me a break b.s.j.

i love your posts but.

as a life long saints fan we have allways been the 49'ers

and vikes bitch.

wah to the wah boo wah if the saints catch a fucking break.

the end of the season allways boils down to some luck during the season.

as our boy buddy d used to say "pawaty".

sorry if im missing your point here.

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