Friday, July 24, 2009

There are some questions that I wouldn't expect a journalist to ask

With the city's looming financial problems, one might expect the city government to look for the most cost effective way to restore its battered commercial district. So, it's entirely appropriate to ask why the mayor keeps coming with expensive proposals to shift its center of gravity.

Several months ago, I mentioned seeing a copy of Roy Rodney's infamous counter letter. If Nagin's former business partner was secretly acquiring land in the CBD, near the Chevron building, it's entirely legitimate to ask what other Nagin cronies might profit from the proposed relocation of city hall. Well, I wouldn't expect a serious journalist to ask such an inflammatory question, but a blogger certainly can. I wouldn't even consider it irresponsible blogging, since the mayor does spring these proposals by surprise and try to ram them through the council.

There are some other questions about counter letters that I think would be appropriate for anybody to ask, but I don't have time to elaborate. I'm getting ready to go on vacation -- off to get some Argentinian tail. More frequent posting when I get back, starting to feel like more of a dilettante than the jerk I almost voted for.

Interesting post about blogging, but those aren't the reasons I've been such a lazy blogger. As I said in a comment on my last post:
I tend to not even sit down in front of the computer until about 9 this time of year, and since I get easily distracted, it can take me a long time to look up links. I'm not an angry person in everyday life, but I tend to blog about things that piss me off. I got tired of starting blog posts at 11 at night about things that are going to cause me to go to bed angry. The obvious answer is to look up the links one night and write the post the next, but I've just looked up a lot of links without getting around to the posts.

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