Monday, January 29, 2007

Maybe Nothing

I saw a copy of that counter letter that was in the news earlier this month.

Something that had little bearing on the case at hand caught my eye:
S & J Consulting, LLC. is exploring the development of the city square bounded by Poydras Street, Loyola Avenue,Perdido Street and Rampart Street in the City of New Orleans. It is anticipated that S & J Consulting, LLC. will participate as a development partner with other developers to be determined to acquire all parcels located within the square and develop said parcels.

The managing partners of S & J Consulting, LLC., Stanford P. Barré and Roy J. Rodney, Jr., further agree that as S & J Consulting, LLC. becomes involved in additional business ventures, this counter letter will be amended and supplemented to include and describe all such business ventures.

Like I said, maybe nothing.

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