Thursday, June 17, 2010

Makes sense to me

From The Oil Drum:
In spite of that, Many will argue for at least one more (relief)* well anyway, and I would probably fall into that camp. Wells are drilled all the time based on the chance for a big payout, and then never go into production. Hopefully another won't be needed, but the risk of not capping the well as soon as possible should be obvious to BP, and waiting until circumstances force the issue of another well will not go over well. In retrospect, they should have looked at the calendar (with the upcoming stormy season approaching), considered yet another unthinkable scenario regarding relief well success, and planned accordingly. In lieu of that happening several weeks ago, the time is now for BP to go above and beyond what they think is required. And with the deepwater drilling moratorium in place, many rigs are looking for something to do.

*added for clarification, David. I'll finally start posting again tonight, BTW.

Has Louisiana Denied the existence of the "Dead Zone" so that they don't have to clean it up or regulate the Oil business?

Check this out, Is this true, That Louisiana won't admit we have Dead Zone? Why? We need some investigative Reporting..
Post something! I'm missing my moldy.
Thanks for the interest. I had hoped to resume frequent blogging last month, but something's come up that makes posting difficult. There will be a few posts coming up soon.
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