Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teeming swamp life

Unfortunately, I was in City Park, and not out in the swamps, when I saw a scene that kinda, sorta looked like this video today

Well, there were only three alligators and they weren't behaving quite that aggressively. I also didn't hear any music that had me looking for Mohicans or mad British actors, for that matter. I've seen alligators in that part of the park before, the lagoon between the arboretum and the (closed) East and West golf courses, but never more than one,and usually they don't do very much. Seeing three active alligators in the middle of the city struck me as unusual.

On second thought, they were acting more like the alligators in these two videos, but I hate the talking in both of them, especially the professional narration in the first. So, it might have been a mating pair and a lonely guy trying to butt in. Still, it was a pretty cool sight.

The alligators in the park don't scare me near as much as the Opossums. On one recent night I caught one of them trying to steal my car when I went to retrieve it from in front of the amusement park where I had left it on the way to Jazzfest.

Luckily he was too big to fit inside the Tercel in a way that would allow him to comfortably work the steering. The only reason he didn't get very far was the fact that this had reduced him to trying to carry it away.
That doesn't sound like an opossum to me, you sure it wasn't the Honey Island Swamp monster? You did say it was a recent night, which it would mean it happened after the Jazz Fest got to be too expensive for low wage locals.
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