Thursday, February 18, 2010

Needless to say

Claude Mauberret:
Erroll Williams, a district assessor who has appraised property for roughly half the city for nearly 25 years, was elected New Orleans' city's first citywide assessor Thursday after his opponent, Claude Mauberret, pulled out of the March 6 runoff.
"I did not look forward to a bruising campaign against someone for whom I have a great deal of personal and professional regard," he said. "... Despite the friendship that Erroll and I share, I fear that others would cast this election in racial terms and try to divide our citizens, who came together in unprecedented fashion on Feb. 6 across racial, geographic, party and socioeconomic lines. I love my city too much to let anything threaten this historic time of unity."

made a moral choice.

I heard that Jay Batt is also pulling out. "Sources" say that he's done a poll and is shows him way behind. Better to quit than deal with the ridicule of being beat by someone who had literally no name recognition 4 months ago.
Wait. Anon, seriously? I just read this morning that everyone who counts seems to think Batt is one swell dude.

I kind of see this year's election results as a return to business-as-usual around NOLA. I would be surprised if that doesn't include Batt winning his seat back. But I've been wrong about District A in the past. A lot of people still seem to really hate him.
I saw something about on that Gambit's website just as I was getting ready to do a post lambasting the local GOP for its failure to either back Blanque or stay out of the primary. The Repubs claim to be the party of change and they claim to want to recruit minority members, yet they all got behind the old white guy. Since the black guy that many of them got behind in the mayor's race was also part of the establishment, I have to wonder how much they want real change in N.O. The GNOR's and Bryan Wagner's endorsements of Murray struck me as either deal making or shit stirring; they certainly weren't endorsements of a reform candidate.

Since the city needs minority (or mixed race, don't know how Blanque defines herself) elected officials to make the case that it's more important to spend money on providing city city services than creating minority millionaires, the failure of the T/P, Gambit and reformers, including the supposed party of reform, to take Perry seriously or seriously get behind Lemle or Blanque pisses me off. That's not to say that, if I lived in District A, I wouldn't have found Guidry to be the better candidate -- since it's not my district, I didn't pay much attention. I will point out that all three candidates agreed that party affiliation is unimportant at the city council level.

BTW, Nolam Marshall doesn't seem to be the kind of minority candidate that I'm looking for.
Is the young Nolan Marshall who just ran for the at-large seat affiliated with Nolmar? His late grandfather Nolan Marshall is the one who founded Nolmar.
Do you mean Virgina Blanque? She is listed as white on the Secretary of State's Candidate Database. I beleive but am not sure the candidates provide that information.
Who exactly is "everyone who counts?" Virginia Blanque? Blanque was absolutely against the good ole boys network that Batt lives in. It's only because he retired her debt that she endorsed him. With 14% in the primary, each vote cost Batt $21.54. So, how much is your vote worth?
Second anon, I know that it was Marshall's grandfather who founded Nolmar. However, his website didn't give any info about his business. I know that N.O. is too small a city to automatically disqualify people based on personal connections, but I'm very leery of "reformers" who come from the intersection of commerce and government -- much more so than I am of other novice politicians who run as reformers. If it were William Grace's son or grandson or somebody from the family that owns Broh Brothers, I'd have the same skepticism. I'd certainly want more than generational platitudes. I probably had a subconscious negative reaction to Marshall on that basis alone. Generational appeals amused me when I was young, now, because of the bullshit that Cato-type f***s are trying to pull in national politics, they turn my stomach. I know, Cato-f***s playing generational politics in attempt to privatize Social Security have nothing to do with Marshall's talk of a new generation of leadership, but what does such talk have to with anything?

Mominem, I probably should have looked more closely. Did you see this? It gave me the impression that she'd call herself mixed race. It made a similar impression on a friend of mine who's an engineer with city government. He's a fairly liberal guy, but not that political, certainly no racist, but he sees enough of the city contracting process to believe that the DBE system is abused and needs to be reformed. After seeing that clip, he decided to vote for Blanque rather than Guidry on the theory that the city needs minority or mixed race reformers.

I think Jeffrey was trying to be snotty, Julia.

O.K. Jeffrey, I know that snotty might not be exactly the right word.
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