Monday, February 01, 2010

Does the conspiracy reach all the way to Obama?

Or just up to Gary Locke? Really, Nagin or Riley (or somebody at WBOK) should say something if the Picayune's just making this up:
Riley got in the last word, suggesting that if the favored candidate of his unnamed movers and shakers wins the upcoming race to succeed Nagin, those forces will see that the city's population tally increases -- on paper, that is -- so that the rate of violence appears to decrease.

"You will find that when, if the shadow government gets their selection as mayor and chief -- because I'm confident that there is one -- you will find that our population will increase tremendously in six months," Riley said.

"Magically!" Nagin interjected.

Riley continued: "With the next election, you will find that the per-capita crime rate will go down tremendously. You will find that a number of positive things will come out within six months if that group gets who they want.

There's a very good reason why population estimates will not be used to calculate the city's crime rate during the administration of the next mayor. Nagin and Riley both know that the official census count will be used instead of estimates, but they think they can play WBOK listeners for fools.

On the other, if the census shows a surprising rebound in the city's population, Nagin's on the record as being skeptical. He surely won't take credit for a population rebound that he believes will only occur on paper.

Those two are amazing.
Gah... Well at least Nagin is a credible witness to the secrets of that "magic" trick. He just spent the last four years complaining about how understated the friggin estimates were!
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