Monday, January 04, 2010


Over the last several days, many people have asked me the real reason why I decided not to run for mayor. It's quite simple really -- after thoughtful consideration and discussion with friends, I decided that, though I'd make a great mayor, my candidacy wouldn't be the most wonderful thing possible for the city. And, when you get right down to it, I'm nothing if not a wonderful person.

Now, I know that rumors have been circulating that there other reasons why I decided not to run. Don't believe it. As a matter of fact, I discussed the matter with a prominent member of the local media who, having met me, is now qualified to tell you that I'm a moral person and follow my inner moral compass. Moreover, having been told by members of my inner circle that my reasons were moral ones, he'll scoff* at anybody who hasn't met my inner circle but dares to question my motives, or his judgment of my character and motives. After all, if being buffaloed by talking to me and my best friends doesn't make somebody an expert judge of my character, what does?

*Third comment, in already linked piece.

I really enjoyed this post.
Thanks. I'm not really very interested in Murray's motives, but when I read DuBos' post and response to a comment I wondered if he had morphed into a combination of George Bush and Errol Laborde. Bush looks Putin in the eye and gets a sense of his soul; LaBorde talks to a couple of insiders, who almost certainly have their own agendas, and thinks that makes him a fountain of wisdom. Don't these guys talk the importance of process when they're discussing governmental reform? I guess process doesn't matter when you're reporting on government.
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