Friday, December 11, 2009

My heart goes out to you...

If you live in District B:
incumbent Stacy Head has one opponent: Corey Watson, an electrical engineer and pastor of a West Bank church. Watson is the son of the Rev. Tom Watson, who ran for mayor in 2006.

In case you've forgotten, father and son were in the news about a year ago:
You Asked For It... The List of Ministers Endorsing Indicted Congressman Jefferson
By Deborah Cotton

Below is the list of religious community leaders endorsing the indicted Congressman William 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson's candidacy, as supplied by campaign aide Eugene Green to the Times Picayune.
Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
Rev. Tom B. Watson
Rev. Noily Paul, Jr.
Rev. Aubrey Wallace
Rev. Robert Turner
Rev. Samson Skip Alexander
Rev. Norman N. Francis
Pastor Chante H. Sutton
Rev. Charles M. Daniels
Pastor Tyrone Jefferson
Pastor Rachel Harrison
Rev. Brian K. Richburg
Rev. Darrin J. Boykins
Bishop Tommie Triplett
Pastor Tyrone Smith
Pastor Kevin Shorts
Rev. Cary Payton
Bishop E. Craig Wilson
Apostle Arthal Thomas, Sr.
Pastor Paul O. Evbuoma
Rev. Corey Watson
Rev. Dr. Ernest Marcello, Jr.
Rev. Rufus Bonds
Rev. John E. Breaux, Jr.

Just don't expect any debates to be restrained because one of the two candidates is a minister; Head's just as quick to dis ministers as she is to dis Walmart customers:
A leader of the black religious community said he was yelled at publicly by Head at an event for Congressman-elect Joseph Cao.

Bishop O.C. Coleman has asked for a public apology.

Of course, O.C. Coleman is, indeed, that O.C. Coleman. Still, I'd hate to have to vote for somebody as impolite as Stacy Head, and there are those damning emails to consider.

Although I'm not in her district I wonder if someone doesn't need to stand up to the vicious racial attacks and bad behavior that long characterized local politics.

Certain local fixture have long been quick to charge racism in the most strident manner and at the same time express outrage when anyone dares to disagree with them.

If it takes a rude person to do that it may be necessary.
Thanks. Thanks for wishing me luck. Gonna need it, as most of us need it anyhow to varying degrees in every local election. 8-P
I'm trying my hardest to resist the temptation to do a sarcastic follow up to post with a title like "Sinn Fein, Baby."
Looks like another Louisiana Hold-Your-Nose-And-Vote.
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