Wednesday, December 09, 2009

How often have you heard Rob Couhig call Ray Nagin a liar?

“Haven’t we had enough of a mayor that's lied to us? And we're gonna come with a guy who lied the last time? Who's lied already to his best friends in politics about what he wants to do,” Couhig said after qualifying.

I get the last sentence. Couhig's trying to stir up shit between Landrieu and Jacobs. To accuse Landrieu of lying to his best friends strikes me as political hyperbole, but I've never known Couhig to soft-pedal his criticism of anyone...other than C. Ray Nagin. Exaggeration is the worst thing I can accuse straight-talking Rob of here.

However, I'm totally mystified by the second question. A guy who lied the last time? I think Couhig needs to explain that one, because I sure don't know what he's talking about.

Finally, I can appreciate the first question. After all these years, Couhig finally implies that Nagin is less than totally honest. It's a little late for that. I don't recall Couhig criticizing Nagin for his blatant dishonesty when he (Couhig) had a radio show. Couhig had a morning radio talk show when Mayor Transparency was in an ongoing dispute with WWL TV and the Times Picayune over FOIA requests and access to information. I listened almost every morning, waiting for Couhig to use his soapbox to bring pressure on Nagin to keep his promise to bring transparency to city government. If he ever mentioned the subject, it must have been on one of the rare mornings that I wasn't listening. It wasn't what I was listening for, but I'm sure I'd have noticed and remembered if Couhig had ever called attention to, or even acknowledged, Nagin's dishonesty when he had a radio show. He wouldn't take a stand when Nagin was lying about crooked contracts, but Couhig's the scourge of dishonest politicians now. Is anybody buying that?

To be fair, in an appearance on WDSU, Couhig did accuse Nagin of breaking his word last August. But, he only pointed to examples of what he (Couhig) considered broken promises, he didn't come out and call him liar. Anyway, that was August of 2009. Starting in late 2006 through 2007, Couhig had the forum to help expose the secrecy, obfuscation and outright lies of the Nagin administration, but he never used his microphone for that purpose. That, IMO, disqualifies him as candidate for mayor to a much greater degree than the decision to endorse Nagin in May of 2006.

I think Couhig means that Mitch "lied" to Forman last time about not getting in. In Rob Couhig's world, lying to your "friends in politics" is the only sort of lie that really counts.
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