Friday, August 21, 2009

I'll probably won't be at Rising Tide tomorrow

I've already registered, but the recovery from a procedure that I underwent Wednesday won't be as quite as fast as I had hoped. So, I've decided that it would be prudent to avoid potentially chaotic situations in which punches may be thrown. However, if anybody reads this on time, I do have one favor to ask. I suspect that at least one member of the politics panel will talk about the need for visionary leadership. If that happens, please ask him how many peyote buttons he thinks the city can afford.

Sorry we won't see you. That looks painful.

I think Peters had the best line regarding the budget I'll just leave the link here in case anyone missed it.
Thanks, but it's not that bad. Just too much to enjoy the event. Also, I didn't want to risk catching somebody's cold or flu when I'm supposed to try avoid sneezing. I know that sounds ridiculously germaphobic, but under the circumstances...

You know, when you posted about take home cars a couple of weeks ago, I really did start to leave a comment about the potential for city layoffs and the money that could be saved by trimming the number of take home vehicles. But, I was afraid such a comment would be misinterpreted. By my reckoning, every million dollars that's wasted on bullshit is 20-30 low-level jobs that could be saved during a time of budget cuts. I'd guess about 25 Associate I's (I know the salary, add SS, insurance and other costs, it's probably around $40,000), BTW. The unexplained difference between what the city pays Metro and Richards, or the difference between what the city pays Richards and what Richards bid for the same work in Jefferson could save 60-90 city jobs. The city couldn't eliminate all take home cars, but the high number of take home cars used to be justified by the low pay of even high-ranking city officials. The guys that get take home cars are no longer paid low salaries.
It was a great event but no doubt could have been better with you there. We'll expect you to participate twice as much next year to make up for missing.

Get well, and peace,

That Peyote button line was awesome. I'm going to have to steal it an use it in every setting where such a theft stands a chance of going undetected. I hope you are healing up good.
Keep on posting such articles. I love to read articles like this. BTW add more pics :)
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