Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oops, sorry for the mindfart.

I did a fair amount of thinking out loud in last week's post on electronic monitoring, but I never got around to adding a clarification at the end. TSAP's listing on the state's corporate data base is vague enough to pique any amateur detective's curiosity, but I can't find enough campaign contributions from either TSAP, or the obviously related Sunex Holding Company, to make allegations of influence peddling.

Still, the history of the home monitoring program leads to some obvious questions. Since TSAP was the second highest scoring bidder when the original contracts were awarded, why wasn't CBC's contract rebid when the mayor decided that it wasn't performing well enough? TSAP's website now says:
GPS is essentially the same as having an officer trail an offender (charged or alleged). The benefits are cost savings for the city and accuracy.

However, I doubt it could have made that claim when it took over CBC's contract:
Since September, the company has staffed its office overnight as well as during the day, ensuring authorities can be quickly alerted about violations, said William Welch, chief executive officer of TSAP. link

Shouldn't the city have tried to find a company with overnight staffing in the first place? Again, I'm not alleging wrong doing on the part of the home monitoring company, just carelessness on the part of the Nagin administration. I guess the mayor had more important things to worry about in 2007.

Still, I did notice Sunex in the list of people or businesses who have contributed to Nagin since his re-election. I believe the amount listed is a little low, but I still don't find signs of Sunex or TSAP throwing significant amounts of money around. However, the mayor moved into a glass house when he finished the 2006 mayoral election with an ad blitz about his opponent's successful fund raising. It's entirely kosher to comment when any company or individual that's given money to the mayor, especially since his re-election, receives a city contract. Ya heard me, Greg Rigamer? I would even say the same thing about people or businesses that are paid money out of Nagin's campaign war chest. Ya heard me, Silas Lee? It really is terrible the way the local media always consult Nagin haters for expert analysis.

I wrote about TSAP on my blot ( a few days ago but didn't do the detective work on campaign contributions that you did. Great work! Maybe someday we'll have an administration in place that doesn't make us all want to be PI's every time they sneeze.
TSAP in the news again. The city accepted bids for a new company a few months ago, but Nagin has just thrown those out and announced a 90 day extension for TSAP. Problem is, the LA Sec States office lists TSAP as expired since 4/23/2009. (Total Sentencing Alternatives Program)

Also, the applicant for TSAP, Court Services Program, LLC, had it's license revoked in 2005. CSP's agent is the same William Thomas Welch running Sunex. Don't know what any of this means, but it's yours if you want to run with it!
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