Friday, March 20, 2009

I know they bring excitement to the teaching profession

But, I think this Teach for America employee got a little too excited:
MARRERO, La. – A teacher at Higgins High School has been arrested by Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputies for obscenity after three students claimed they saw the teacher masturbating alone, inside a classroom, according to JP spokesman Col. John Fortunato.

Joey Lehrman, 22, New Orleans, was arrested for obscenity. He admitted, according to police, to unbuckling his pants and rubbing lotion on his lower stomach, adding he did this because of a medical condition. Lehrman also said he rubbed lotion on his genitalia, police said.

Lehrman, according to police, has been teaching at Higgins since 2008 and had no prior record. School officials said that Lehrman was an employee of Teach for America, not an employee of JP public schools.

JP school officials said they have suspended Lehrman without pay.

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