Sunday, February 08, 2009

Today's first easy "Gotcha"

Can't guarantee a second will follow

SDT's new commercial, prominently featured on the company website*, promises private garbage collection for "the same or less than what the Sewerage & Water Board puts on your bill." All three sanitation companies charge the City of New Orleans more than what the Sewerage & Water Board puts on your bill. I'm not sure how much SDT charges the city on a per unit basis, but Metro and Richards each charge the city significantly more than the $12 sanitation fee that appears on your monthly water bill.

How can SDT provide private collection so much more cheaply than any of the firms provide public collection? The private collection would be for buildings with five or more units, so there might be some economies of scale, but $10 per unit (per month) less than Richards charges the city? The private collection wouldn't necessarily be semiautomated, so there might be some savings from using manual collection, but yesterday's Picayune featured a relevant article about the cost of semiautomated garbage collection in Kenner.

Am I alone in thinking that, if Frank Donze must engage in snark, he should direct it at Mayor Frugal's Henny Youngman act rather than Stacy Head's Norma Rae act?

*While you're at the website, be sure to shop SDT. Actually, I can't get any of the merchandise to display, but I'm sure that the drink huggies, T-shirts and hoodies are delightful.

According to a recent City Council hearing SDT gets $32 per location. I'm not sure if that include the "Disney-like" services.
I have been wondering about this huge cost differential since SDT started telling folks how much more cheaply they could provide THE SAME SERVICE. Doesn't this warrant further investigation by the local MSM?
Whose critique do you value the most, Simon Cowell's, Paula Abdul's, Randy Jackson's or Kara DioGuardi's?
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