Saturday, February 07, 2009

Thought I blogged about that

Last November, I heard it from a very reliable source that O.C. Coleman was planning to run, as a Republican, for J.P. Morrell's House seat when Morrell moved up to the State Senate. Sure enough, in today's paper, I read that he's declared his candidacy. Since he's officially a candidate, let it be duly noted that Coleman is an dedicated member of the dragon slaying party. Of course, he has already been the instigator of one famous dragon hunt; maybe he'll be able to run as Jindal's veep in four years.

But, damn, I was sure I had already written about this, either in a blog post here or in a comment on another blog. Since I can't find the link to prove it, I'll just have to forgo the incomparable of pleasure of saying that I scooped the media. Guess I'll just have to go out and get laid or something.

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