Saturday, February 21, 2009

At the 8th Annual "Newest New Orleanians" Breafast

What will his smugness say next October? Will he welcome new residents and thank them for helping to shore up our decimated tax base? Or, will he tell them not to bother asking how their tax dollars are spent because they're not from here and wouldn't understand?

Will his hand-picked recovery director be there?
"It should not be a local person," said Blakely, who paid his own way from his home in Australia to address the African-American Leadership Project's summit in Central City. "They (should) have no baggage, but they have to have a real human touch to know where people are coming from."

Blakely said such a leader would be less likely to be influenced by historical, cultural and political factors that can sway the decisions of local residents on issues including which geographic areas, if any, should be off limits to rebuilding.

The city will be soon be changing the Make New Orleans Home website. Expect it to read, "Just because you'll be paying taxes, don't think you can bamboozle us mother fuckers."

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