Monday, December 29, 2008

Why every liberal should read Business Week

I wasn't surprised that the first link in that Agonist post that I recently praised was to an article in Business Week. Since I've started working with periodicals, I've noticed that Business Week often pays attention to subjects like the Dirty Truth About Clean Coal*, the return of the subprime wolves and the possibly fracked-up rush to drill for natural gas that the MSM downplays or ignores altogether.

I certainly don't mean to imply that Business Week is a liberal journal, it's a pro-business magazine (of course) with writers that I assume are mostly Republican. However, unlike another high profile business magazine, Business Week doesn't seem like the house organ of either the National Association of Manufacturers or the GOP. Liberals shouldn't just ignore the concerns of business leaders, and if your liberalism can't survive an encounter with honest conservatives who at least show an implicit understanding of old fashioned concepts like external costs, it's probably a rather flaccid liberalism anyway.

*In the past week, the MSM has paid some attention to the coal ash spill that I first learned about from Pharyngula, but not much.

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