Sunday, December 07, 2008

Those Hitler as a sports fan clips are getting old

But you might not have seen him as an LSU fan yet (no, he doesn't get drunk).

My, aren't Montgomery, Alabama news anchors just too clever for words? You can find asshole fans everywhere (there was a video of Ohio St. fans making the rounds last year or the year before that could best be described as stomach-turning), but I liked this post from a Florida blogger. Don't think I linked to it last year:
The improbable three Fs of the LSU football fan: Friendly! Fucked up! And Fucking Hostile!
We’ve read about the intangibles of playing in a place like Tiger Stadium before–the vague “something” described alternately as “special,” “different,” or “MY GOD I’M NOT GETTING OUT OF HERE ALIVE”–and scoffed.

We scoff no more. It’s real, live, and tangible enough to hang your freshly slaughtered baby alligator carcass on in a pinch. (We met a tailgater who, in festive fashion, had slaughtered a baby alligator that morning in order to prepare it for the tailgate. Tiger meat’s a bit harder to come by. Thanks, Chinese Medicine black market! Assholes.)

It’s as loud as The Swamp, yet somehow more unhinged.

An LSU fan informed me that he was going to the Alabama game with a placard that read GO (TO HELL) BAMA! to register his hatred of 'Bama and Obama. Nice. Every team has shitty people in its fan base.
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