Sunday, December 21, 2008

Local Media Priorities

WWl's Ten P.M. newscast lasts thirty-five minutes, including commercials. I have no idea how many of those thirty-five minutes are consumed by commercials and much time is devoted to news, how much to sports or how much to weather. However, I do know that last night's Twelve for the Road segment dragged on for eight minutes and tonight's lasted about seven. Those figures are approximate -- I didn't use a stop watch, just glanced at the time when each segment began and ended. BTW, I'm not that obsessive, I changed channels when last night's segment began, changed back several minutes later and was surprised that Bill Capo was still talking to some lady from St. Bernard. So, I timed it when the segment ran again on Channel 15. O.K., maybe I am that obsessive.

The Picayune's senior op-ed writer has written about Vince Marinello and his toupee three times this month. He hasn't written a single column about the budget impasse between the mayor and city council.

In a comment at We Could Be famous, Jeffrey expresses the opinion that the T/P devoted the attention that it did to the personnel shakeups at NOPL because of its "Morial complex." While I disagree, at least to some extent, I do think it's ridiculous that a $650 million plan is treated as a cause for celebration while a personnel shakeup is treated as a major controversy.

I stumbled onto your blog as I was doing research into the NOPL controversy as more articles/editorials came out. I don't feel like commenting on much- I work with many of the people in the article in some capacity, and I'm a little irritated at the whole thing because of what you said above.

A lot of the buzz has been due to those disgruntled employees with friends in T/P they can bitch to and generate some copy so they feel like justice is served to some degree.

Whether or not the article was "well-written" technically, it was inaccurate on several parts. I'm sneaking through your blog and I like how you are seem to hold our local written press accountable.

New Media serves this function, and its something that we need in this city. Especially when the T/P fails to serve its people through its continually inadequate articles and topics on major issues. Glad you have this blog, I look forward to reading.
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