Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jack is looking pretty fucked right now.

A billiant post that probably won't get enough attention because of the holidays.

Fantastic find, bayoustdavid. Thanks.
link broken!
The link was to a post at The Agonist. I got the impression they were redesigning the blog. The entire site seems to be down now.It was a very well put together collection of links about the credit and the overall economic meltdown. I'll keep checking to see if I can find an updated link.
That post is really weak. It simply trots out the tax cuts, the war, and the deficit without formulating any justifiable reason for connecting them with the housing crisis. It seems to contend that simply because the tax cuts fueled investment, that they were somehow partly responsible for the financial crisis. That doesn't compute.

If people on your side of the aisle want to come up with universal theories that link every major policy of your opposition to the financial crisis, fine, but you tend to sound like the tinfoil hat crowd when you do so.
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