Monday, December 08, 2008

Are they crazy?

Congressional Democrats sent the White House an emergency $15 billion auto bailout plan Monday, complete with provision of a "car czar" to oversee the industry's reinvention of itself. Link

A "car czar?" Have they been to New Orleans?

We know the Republicans are crazy:
The emergency loans would be drawn from an existing program meant to help the automakers build fuel-efficient vehicles.

Today's AP report doesn't state that the GOP insisted that the money for emergency loans come from the fuel-efficiency program, but that's been a Republican demand all along. Republicans also insist that they want to see the automakers take steps to insure their long-term viability before they (the Republicans) will go along with short-term loans. No contradiction there.

Hay it's Washington and Detroit is Democrat(ic) territory, so few questions are asked.

Unlike New Orleans which is also Democrat(ic) territory, (until yesterday due to the defeat of a Democrat(ic) crook).
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