Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stacy Head/Veronica White

I can't find a link to the WWL report about the Stacy Head/Veronica White blow-up, but I'll remind everybody that there were weeks, probably months*, of stonewalling and secrecy about the sanitation contracts in 2006 before the city council was basically left with no choice but to approve them. To my way of thinking, secrecy about public money is a sign of dishonesty -- not proof, but a very strong sign. That's all I'll have time for until at least tomorrow night.

*If you go back and look at the mayor's 100 day speech (in 2006), it appears that the mayor had begun work on the sanitation contracts as early as May, but kept it quiet until October. I should make it clear that I’m referring to the goals that the mayor set out (to accomplish in the first 100 days of the second term) in May 2006, not to the September presentation about what he had accomplished. In the May presentation, he made a vague reference to dividing garbage collection into three zones. Did he just decide that he liked the number 3, or did he already have three contractors in mind?

Yeah, you right. Secrecy is almost always a sign that something's not right.
Well, secrecy after the fact might be to avoid taking responsibility for a mistake (not good, but not necessarily corrupt), but the Nagin admin was secretive about the sanitation contracts for months in advance. There's no national defense rationale. There wasn't even the dubious "need to keep the plan secret so that we can acquire the land w/out developers and speculators jacking up the price" argument.
Secrecy could also simply be a sign of arrogance (I'm not going to tell you because I don't want to), of which this administration has plenty. That's not to argue with your suggestion. The arrogance is just lagniappe, icing on the cake of thievery.
Veronica White has a huge attitude. I worked on her work computer and found that most of the day was used to surf the internet, and pull up websites about Whitney Houston. She has repeatedly lied about the monthly reports and now trying to cover her tracks. Lets see if she gets a slap on the hand.
Veronica White obviously has major attitude issues, isn't capable of doing the job thats being asked of her, and since anyone can see on the taped meetings of the past, the board REPEATEDLY asked for spreadsheets that she could not produce. Magically, spreadsheets have all of a sudden been created. She seems angry and bitter and comes across as ignorant and not capable of following directions.
I think Veronica White is living in her own little world where she thinks she can do what she wants. By the way, if you read this Mayor, maybe it's time that your chocolate city starts melting.
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