Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Saints Defense

Q: What in the world is wrong with the Saints' defense? I know there have been some injury issues, but New Orleans can't stop anyone. What's the problem?


A: My biggest issue with the Saints this season is they haven't pressured quarterbacks enough and the corners can't stay on coverage long enough to stop passing attacks. That baffles me, too. Charles Grant and Will Smith are two of the highest-paid defensive ends in football. Grant is out for the season, but Smith has developed into a pass-rusher who uses the bull rush more than the outside rush. The Saints love to use man-to-man coverage, but the corners are giving up 12.8 yards a completion. That's a lot. They have only 14 sacks and no one with more than three. The loss of CB Mike McKenzie for the season will make things worse. The Saints obviously made a bad signing last year with Jason David, and now he will have to play more because of McKenzie's injury. Injuries have played a big factor, but the Saints' defense clearly has underachieved.
John Clayton

I seem to remembering somebody saying something about Gibbs becoming a scapegoat.

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