Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nobody remembered WIN buttons in 1980

You didn't have to be Alan Greenspan to see how stupid WIN buttons were,I rolled my eyes as a twelve-year-old. Stagflation led to Carter's election in 1976, but, by 1980, everybody had forgotten that we had inflation under two Republican presidents. So why do we have so much speculation about 2012 that doesn't even question whether Americans will remember the $4+ gasoline prices of last Summer or the $2.40 gasoline prices of this Fall? You might say it won't matter, but any political forecasting that doesn't include economic forecasting lacks a key element. Get real people, it might provoke a mid-life crisis if I have to start acting like the wise elder (or cranky old man).

Of course, no discussion of the economy would be complete without mentioning the opportunism that has no sense of decency.

Hey I though I was the cranky old man.... or was that John McCain?

It's pretty amazing to me that the bailout plan we're seeing now is the supposedly improved compromise plan. I'm afraid that not even the election results will do much to alter this policy course.
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