Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How many of you really remember Sherman Copelin?

On last Friday's "Informed Sources," I believe Lee Zurik said that his special report tomorrow will involve a conflict between Ann Duplessis and Sherman Copelin. Duplessis' popularity took some heavy criticism over her support of a legislative pay raise, but that says more about her judgment than her integrity. Sherman Copelin has been busy posing as a business leader lately, but I wonder how many readers remember as possibly the most corrupt New Orleans politician of the last forty years.

Unfortunately, it's been so long since Copelin has held office that working links to articles about Sherman Copelin and Reality Treatment Center, or Sherman Copelin and the Family Health Foundation, or Model Cities, or Allan Katz (only mentioned because it's pretty funny), or Charity Hospital (and disproportionate share funding) are difficult to find. So, I'll once again recommend Newsbank to anybody with a valid library card in any La. parish. Just go to Louisiana Library Database Connection, pick your library system, type in your card number, and click "newsbank" under statewide databases. If you search the Picayune for articles on Sherman Copelin, you find hundreds to plow through. So try Sherman Copelin and any of the other subjects listed above; "Sherman Copelin Allan Katz" would be an interesting start.

Also check "Sherman Copelin" and "Superdome Services Inc" or "SSI".
He was all up in the casino deal too.
WBOK radio station is suggesting that Copelin would be a good candidate for mayor of New Orleans. Another of their potential candidates is recently convicted felon Oliver Thomas, now destined for sainthood along with Ray Nagin. Let's see how worse New Orleans can get.
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