Saturday, November 22, 2008

An employee gets fired for cause, but his former employer decides to give him a second chance a year later.

He earns his employer's complete confidence in less than a week back on the job, but, unfortunately, that confidence was totally misplaced:
A private investigator hired by SDT Waste & Debris says an employee intentionally sabotaged the company by illegally dumping portable toilet waste into sewage systems in and near New Orleans' City Park, then taking the story to a local media outlet.

Terrell Miceli, the investigator brought on by SDT owner Sidney Torres IV earlier this month, identified Phillip Barbarin as the employee primarily responsible for the dumping.

"My investigation reveals not one person in the company told him to do this, " said Miceli, who has spoken with five managers who were working over the weekend of the VooDoo Music Experience, when the illegal dumping happened on three separate nights.

Miceli said two trucks were responsible for the dumping and that the other driver followed Barbarin's lead.

Miceli said that Barbarin had worked for SDT in 2007 before being fired by the company after being cited for reckless driving on company time.

I considered trying to come up with some witticism about the fact that at least the investigator knew how to do job he was paid to do, or a crude comment along those lines, but that story's so lame that it would be hard to say much for his competence. Or, maybe Miceli's report is completely factual and SDT is just that poorly run. At any rate, it's interesting that, in just three days, the dispute has gone from whether illegal dumping occurred to who was responsible for the illegal dumping.

On a totally unrelated note, I heard a lot of Les Miles/Larry Coker talk this afternoon. You might find this post from last January interesting. In the interest of balance, a more positive take from last Summer.

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