Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Aren't we superior?

St. Bernard Parish doesn't put up with their crap. They don't even try that crap in Jefferson Parish. But Orleans Parish officials praise the home grown crap peddlers. I thought that one of the pleasures of living in the city was that it allows you to act smugly superior to your suburban neighbors. Well, we still have Mandeville

Since I'm writing about expensive crap, I'll once again remind you that Robin Pittman is married to a member of the clique that acts as if it's legitimate to spend way too much on city contracts if the profit goes to the right people. Don't know enough about Yolanda King to make an endorsement, but I know how I voted.

There has been *way* too much coziness between Lil Sidney and Veroncia White-Trash. And now both of them are refusing to speak to the media - hmmmm... something to hide?

I hope to Gawd that Cerasoli has already begun an investigation.
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