Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's October, where are the yard signs?

Four years ago, my part of the Bayou St.John area was full of Kerry signs, but this year, Obama signs are few and far between -- not that McCain signs are any more plentiful. At first I thought I was looking for signs too early in the campaign and/or that a needlessly long evacuation had caused a delay this year. It's been a weird, busy couple of weeks, so I hadn't thought about it again until I saw this Suburban Guerrilla post. A little googling revealed that the Obama campaign has decided to de-emphasize yard signs. Judging by the dates of those last two links, it's probably old news to some readers, but I was curious.

Frankly, there's only one scenario in which yard signs have even a slight influence on my vote, and it doesn't occur in presidential elections. In primary elections with two or more candidates that I consider unacceptable and two or more acceptable candidates, I vote for the acceptable candidate who has the best chance of making a runoff. In such elections, I do take some note of yard signs. With some of the lousy runoff choices that Louisiana voters tend to get, I have no tolerance for people who preach that you always have to vote for the best candidate in a primary election. For all you preachy types, that's a valid voting philosophy, but not the only valid voting philosophy. At any rate, I can't imagine how anybody could be influenced by yard signs in a presidential election. I'm not dismissing any positive impact altogether, I just don't get it.

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Mine was stolen/removed, and I bet I'm not the only one.
on my block (uptown) there were three obama signs (the hope ones) that were torn down last week.
I have seen only one piece of McCain paraphernalia in the entire city of New Orleans this year. It was a bumper sticker on Peggy Wilson's car.
i've been trying to get an obama yard sign for a year.

the only option i have had is to buy one.

having lived in southeast la. for 50 years that just doesn't feel right.

still willing to put a free one in my front yard.
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