Thursday, October 30, 2008

It wouldn't change any votes, but...

There was an interesting omission in today's Picayune:
A handful of notable local business executives also gave to Jefferson. Home health care entrepreneur Lisa Crinel donated $2,300, while Liberty Bank President Alden McDonald gave $1,500 and New Orleans garbage hauler Alvin Richard contributed $1,000.

I can't find it online, the accompanying graphic in the print edition lists a $2,300 contribution from Norbert Simmons. He might not be a notable business executive, but you might remember his name from Jefferson's Nigerian dealings. Simmons also figures in an report tonight that should be on the first page of the Metro section tomorrow, if it's not on the paper's front page:
Investment in stocks had decimated the firefighters pension
As disastrous moves go, it would be tough to top the city of New Orleans' decision eight years ago to sell $171 million in bonds and invest the proceeds in the stock market as a way of shoring up an underfunded pension plan for firefighters
And so a scheme that was supposed to save the city tens of millions of dollars over four decades has become such a stinker that, according to the latest projections, it will cost city residents as much as $400 million over its lifetime.
Tina Owen, a leader of Morial's campaign for a third term, split a $135,000 fee from the deal with another consultant. And an investment firm owned by the politically connected businessman Norbert Simmons took in about $75,000.

I was little ticked off by another omission a couple of weeks ago. None of the news reports listed the two dozen ministers who endorsed Jefferson. Had any of the reports listed the names of the ministers, it's a safe bet that several bloggers would have checked the Secretary of State's website to see how of these ministers are minister/businessmen who see no conflict in serving God and mammon. Also, it would be nice to know who the Jefferson backers are for future reference. What's the press protecting these guys for?

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
Rev. Tom B. Watson
Rev. Noily Paul, Jr.
Rev. Aubrey Wallace
Rev. Robert Turner
Rev. Samson Skip Alexander
Rev. Norman N. Francis
Pastor Chante H. Sutton
Rev. Charles M. Daniels
Pastor Tyrone Jefferson
Pastor Rachel Harrison
Rev. Brian K. Richburg
Rev. Darrin J. Boykins
Bishop Tommie Triplett
Pastor Tyrone Smith
Pastor Kevin Shorts
Rev. Cary Payton
Bishop E. Craig Wilson
Apostle Arthal Thomas, Sr.
Pastor Paul O. Evbuoma
Rev. Corey Watson
Rev. Dr. Ernest Marcello, Jr.
Rev. Rufus Bonds
Rev. John E. Breaux, Jr.
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