Monday, October 27, 2008

Hope I'm just being paranoid

Since I've decided to take advantage of the free tuition that comes with being a university employee, I don't have as much time for blogging as I used to. So, I onlyhave time for a couple of links and a few sketchy thoughts about something that could be nothing or could be important.

I've noticed trucks marked "Reliable Tree Service" with a 605 area code around the neighborhood the last couple of days. It seems that Reliable Tree Service, from Sioux Falls has recently registered with the state. I know nothing about Reliable Tree Service, and I'm certainly not making any insinuations about the company or its owners. I'm more curious about whether something has happened to prompt other out-of-state tree service companies to set up shop in the New Orleans area. I'd hate to think that the city, or state, has placed the kind of bounty on trees that the city seems to have placed on houses.

I recently commented at Oyster's that seemingly bat shit crazy letters to the paper often aren't the work of harmless nuts or cranks at all; they're often an indication that a government official or a public spirited business has something in mind. Had the letter appeared right after Gustav, it would have struck me as neither crazy or suspicious, but as an overreaction that I would have strongly disagreed with. Appearing when it did, it caused me to do some searching and find that some people are pushing for more aggressive tree trimming. At the very least, it's something that we have the right to be informed about. Unfortunately, when you think you've found the right place to look on the city website, you get a 404 error message. Whatever genius designed the city council website decided that we'd all find the site easier to navigate if it didn't include a search button. Simple things that could lessen your suspicions don't seem to work in New Orleans. Seriously, considering the city's track record with houses, I think we all have the right to monitor whatever it has planned for its old Oaks and other trees.

Rob cambias did a commendable job of answering Mac Brown's letter, but I do have to respond to one part:
Cutting trees would irritate some people, but those people need to be told where to go.

WTF? People that don't like trees already know where they can go. When I feel an overwhelming urge to see a wide treeless street, I borrow a car and drive down Veterans Blvd. The old Oaks are part of what makes neighborhoods like Uptown and Mid-City desirable places to live. People that don't like trees should join Ray Nagin in his dream city.

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