Friday, October 03, 2008

The BGR offers a contrary opinion

Gambit Weekly and The Times Picayune have come out in favor of both of the propositions that will be on the ballot in Orleans Parish tomorrow. The BGR disagrees about one of the propositions; anybody who's familiar with the BGR can probably guess which one. Though I'd agree that the BGR is usually predictable and somewhat biased in its conclusions, its analysis always stikes me as fair and reasonable. Since BGR analysis of ballot propositions is often the most thorough that we get, you should always consider it, even if you often disagree with the BGR's policy recommendations. I've had a busy week and haven't yet had a chance to read this particular analysis, so I'm not making a recommendation one way or another.

While I'm discussing the BGR, I'd once again recommend its report on magic wands, especially in light of recent circumstances. I'll return to the subject when time permits.

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