Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Suburban Nagin

I had assumed that the anger over John LaBruzzo's support for a legislative pay raise had subsided, but it seems that he may still be worried about his re-election. Sure, his proposal to fund sterilizations for welfare recipients may just be the racist rantings of David Duke's successor, but it could just be cynical politics -- not that the two are mutually exclusive. A politician who has lost the confidence of his constituents plays on racial divisions and risks embarrassing the entire state at a time that it desperately needs federal help -- it all sounds depressingly familiar.

Of course, LaBruzzo's proposal is blatantly racist. However divisive some of Nagin's statements have been, I can't think of a single one that crossed that line. On the other hand, LaBruzzo's district wasn't hurt by Gustav or Ike and I don't think that LaBruzzo's proposal will get much national attention. In a normal week, he'd probably make Liberal Man's "worst person in the world," but there are too many more important national news stories this week. Not that LaBruzzo would care if he were vilified by the "liberal" national media. I doubt that he minds being insulted by a bunch of elitist, liberal New Orleans residents either. If you're going to talk, write or blog about LaBruzzo, at least mention that he's a scared politician who wants people to forget about his vote for a pay raise.

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