Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sister Companies?

Two different Picayune articles by two different reporters contain two very similar sentences:
in all, Isakson, DRC and a sister company have donated at least $11,500 to the mayor's war chest.

SDT has given at least $5,000 since 2006, campaign finance records show. Richard's has given at least $12,500, and Metro has given at least $10,000, records show.

Pick either link for either sentence. Jimmie Woods and Metro Disposal have so many sister and related companies that contribute to Nagin that I couldn't begin to count them. Also, SDT's biggest subcontractor is also a major Nagin donor.

I'll have more about this at some future point, but DRC seems to have had a hot and cold relationship with Nagin administration since Katrina, but Metro and its owner have been warmly embraced by the Nagin administration for years. Not to make apologies for DRC, there's a lot of interesting stuff there.

This is all got me really confused.

DRC is seemingly about to get dumped from the emergency storm debris pick-up racket in favor of SDT which has a price 16 times higher than DRC.

All this alphabet soup is giving me indigestion...or is it the stench.
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