Friday, September 12, 2008

The Most Misnamed Show on Local TV

Did anybody else just hear John Maginnis just say something ridiculous on WYES? You know, that comment about people taking the responsibility upon themselves to get out a map and find alternate routes to use when the interstates are backed up. Did any of the other "informed sources" bother to tell him why the back roads in Mississippi were empty? They should really change the name of the show to something like "Insiders Speculating." Considering Errol Laborde's apparent dislike for bloggers, "Gatekeepers Farting" might be a better name.

On second thought, I understand that Maginnis lives in Baton Rouge, which unlike New Orleans, really was hurt by Gustav, but none of the other "informed sources" bothered to mention that evacuees weren't allowed to exit I-59 and were, reportedly, directed off of HWY 11.

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Actually, we (our carload) were stuck on the contraflow side of I-59 Sunday for two and a half hours, got off at McNeel and drove to Hwy 11. It still took us something like 12 hours total to Birmingham, with only a few stops to refuel, eat, use the bathroom. (We have a kid.) We darted between 11 and 59 depending on which was worse.

Reading the stories of the journey others had is like comparing notes with your neighbors after Katrina: it's a completely different experience for everyone, even though you seem to be on the same road. I've read that WWL didn't inform anyone about the bridge being out along one route, yet I heard WWL relate it on our drive out.

I am finding too many people are judging others without consideration to the variance of these parallel journeys. I'm all for streamlining processes - no one should have to endure additional stresses in an already fragile state - and ensuring democratic return, but I am appealing to you to open your mind. If it's his tone of voice or manner of delivery that is the issue, write his station. But your assumption that the material you collated is the true view is just as inaccurate as his appearing assumption that he did.
I have to disagree with you, Carmen. Maginnis said that people have to be responsible enough to know alternates routes if the interstate is deadlocked. I understand that Maginnis lives in B.R., but none of the "informed sources" from N.O. bothered to inform him that people who had alternate routes in mind were not allowed to exit I-59. That happens frequently on the show, some informed source will basically engage in deductive reasoning based on one or two facts, reach a logical, but faulty, conclusion, and the other panelists will be too polite to correct him. Sometimes, they're all uninformed enough to agree that the erroneous conclusion must be correct.
Hi Bayou St. John David, I wanted to respond to your Cedric Richmond question - this is what I posted on YRHT:

Here is a direct quote: "Metro and Richards disposal are both located in my district and SDT is another local business. They were all the most responsive bidders and followed the rules. In the end the council praised their work and all voted for it."

Please know that Cedric is extremely responsive, and always has been, please feel comfortable calling his headquarters to ask any questions! #(504) 309-6366 That said, I really like the welcome message on his site which also has his issues listed...

That said, we have two great meet and greets coming up for Cedric, are you interested?
At the risk of being repetitive, I exited I-59. Ergo, not every exit was continuously blocked.

I understand your link. This is why you go to management when an on-air host is derisive. Not everyone is in collusion by intent; peer pressure amongst those in a field works according to the will of those who apply the most pressure. Remember that Gambit article (I believe it was) in which certain community leaders were too intimidated to say aught against C Ray? This mafia style hold is easy enough to break, although it is time-consuming and slow. Whittle away at excuses, start to move the tide in the other direction, and others will come to you because everyone is fed up. They just need leadership, aka, to see what works. To see that something CAN work. Look at Karen's playing tortoise while the hare got phony awards. Do you think the FBI would have moved if not for the investment of so many diverse factions?

Use the ones you complain about. Contact them to see if they are open, or if they have been bought. You may not get immediate compliance, or even a timely response. People go their own ways. But the good ones will join in the fight, sooner or later, because their hearts must lead them there.
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