Monday, September 08, 2008

Could this possibly be true?

If one official can fuck over so many people, can we at least get his name?
Problems included the original plan for contraflow not being followed. That plan stated contraflow was to run all the way to Hattiesburg, but a complaint from an official in Hattiesburg caused the contraflow to end and bottleneck at Poplarville, Manley said.

I can't find any other mention of a change, or proposed change, in Mississippi's contraflow plan, but that's astounding if true. That official should be placed in stocks or pilloried in Jackson Square, if you ask me.

Mississippi's 2005 Evacuation Guide calls for contraflow to end "just south of Poplarville," but it's possible that the horrendous traffic jams of the Katrina evacuation caused a re-evaluation of that plan. Or, the entire evacuation guide may just be an example of Mississippi humor:
The shoulders of both Interstates 59 and 55 should be kept clear for
emergency vehicles. Motorists needing to stop should use the next
available exit.

Supposedly all exits were available:
All exits within the contraflowed sections of the interstate highways
will remain open and law enforcement officers will be present to assist traffic.

For anybody interested, the newspaper article quoted above also states that:
Exits were closed for an hour at a time before Gustav by the Mississippi Highway Patrol to alleviate traffic on U.S. 11, Lumpkin said. Other than that, the exits remained open.

I was unfortunate enough to be able to leave on Saturday, but that doesn't jibe with what I've heard from people who left on Sunday. Could be a case of callers to WWL giving out faulty information, but Mississippi officials should have explained there actions.

Louisiana could, and even may have the worked out the best possible evacuation plan, but it effectively ends at the state line, regardless of any prearranged agreements with the people on the other side of that line.

Evacuations in the past have shown MS has always viewed LA residents looking to evacuate along "their" (federally financed) highways as some kind of plague. Prior to Katrina, they refused to allow contra-flow to continue across their borders at all. Considering that this time MS officials felt LA citizens were undeserving of the use of modern bathroom facilities, I would not surprised if this was true.
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