Monday, August 25, 2008

Links that have almost nothing to do with RT3

You know, we fight the way two middle class educated Englishmen would fight. Which I've always maintained would be sort of girlie and cowardly, you know? With squealing!
Hugh Grant

Even though I was only a few feet away from the lunch time entertainment, my back was turned. So, I don't actually know how two middle class educated American bloggers fight.

I had to leave Saturday's Rising Tide Conference early because I had a fantasy football draft. Those first Thursday in September games that the league started scheduling a few years ago really screwed my fantasy football league. The majority of the players want to have the draft on a weekend, and a fair number of league members go out of town over Labor Day weekend. The Friday or Saturday before the first game used to be an ideal time for a fantasy draft, but the league started having that Thursday game. At any rate, I had no idea that fantasy football is popular in Great Britain. Hey, the title of the post says it all.

I couldn't help but think of the journalism's panel discussion of newspaper and television news budget cuts when I noticed that the Times Picayune sent a writer to blog from the Olympics. The cash-strapped, cost-cutting local paper also sends a writer to the Super Bowl every year. No wonder it never seemed to share my outrage over Nagin's failure to set budget priorities.

For more on the conference, just follow the links that Jeffrey provides.

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