Thursday, August 07, 2008

But Coach, can we at least see the playbook?

Update: Ms. Clarkson is getting testy.

Coach Nagin:
I'm here ready to work with this council and, for the most part, we get along great..But there's a couple of you, I don't understand why you're doing what you're doing. No, I do.
If you want a team-based environment, we need to act like a team and I am getting sick and tired of this,

Obviously, the mayor doesn't like being forced to acknowledge that the city council is a coequal branch of government, but I won't dwell on that -- it's a common failing of mayors and governors everywhere. It used to be a common fault of presidents, but they no longer need to acknowledge the equal status of the legislative branch. What's amazing is that the mayor has the gall to suggest that council members who ask for information aren't being part of a team. Um, C. Ray, teamwork requires sharing information. Nagin's refusal to share information was obvious early in his second term when proposed expensive new sanitation contracts but refused to provide detailed information on the contracts, and, as Gambit Weekly points out, it's become a consistent pattern. Yet, he has the nerve to talk about teamwork.

There's an off the wall question that I have to ask, is it possible that Jackie Clarkson thinks she can run as a peacemaker and get enough crossover vote to be the city's first woman mayor? I'm not asking whether she can do it, but rather she thinks she can do it. Not at all what I was hoping for last Fall, but I did call her a distant second:
Boulet seems to be the only candidate who will acknowledge that Nagin does not operate in good faith. Clarkson is distant second choice if you can't vote for Boulet.

I have no idea what Clarkson's motivation is for staying mum and playing nice, but it is *unforgivable* for the President of the City Council to remain silent on a matter of this magnitude.

Jackie, j'accuse!
Jackie is not just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic she is ordering linens and china.

She is that out of touch.
I'll second anonymous.
She is trying to undermine Fielkow, Midura, & Head plain and simple. She is absolutely WORTHLESS. Clarkson needs to resign. At least we know where Williard Lewis is coming from--she has to shut up because she is already implicated in this mess. But Clarkson is a total buffon--Yes Jackie if you are reading this you are a total disgrace to your position.
her being a former(?) real estate agent really got my radar up when she was kissing stacy jackson's ass in chambers the other day.

i would look into that slant if i were getting the zohan i mean zurik money.
p.s. just saw the clarkson interview on channel 15 either she is senile and crochity ala mcacin or she is hiding something. either way she's got to go.
just watched the clip again on the link you provided.

she is either in cahoots or bat shit crazy.

the last line is the tip off.

"if i was truly interested in protecting the mayor i had other avenues. "

w.t.f.? does that mean?
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