Sunday, July 13, 2008

Interesting comments

On this report of a body pulled from Bayou St. John. Shocking, if true:
There were three police cars at the bayou last night. A group of Hispanic men were standing on the bayou with them, all were looking in the water. My neighbor, who said he saw the body floating this morning, said that the men told him last night that one of the guy's brother had dove in the water and never came up. My neighbor also said he saw many police down there and offered them the use of a hook on his truck. I saw the officers pull up around 9:30. by 10:30 they were gone. My neighbor told me he spoke to the Sergeant in charge this morning and she said there had been no report taken from any of THREE police cars though at least TEN men on the scene told them their relative had just dove into the water and disappeared! Did these officers just tell them, "We'll wait till the body floats up?" Why were there no paramedics or firemen called to this scene? Why was there no police report filed, and the police who arrived to retrieve the body in the morning had no report on what had occurred the evening before. Did the police understand the severity of this, or did they just not care? What would YOU do if a relative fell in that water and NOBODY came to help? WTF!!!

Update: WDSU reports that the body remains unidentified, which would seem to call the comment above into question. Conversely, it could raise questions about communication between the NOPD and the local media, I suppose.

Ever gone to Ideal market at 9 or 10 at night? There are always a few cop cars there and cops conversing in the parking lot. I guess they are on break when they are there.
Is Ideal Market the one at Orleans and Moss? I don't have a problem with cops frequenting convenience stores, but there's a problem in this particular case that I alluded to in my comment at ("stjohndavid" not "bayoustjohn"). Because it's so close to the third district police station, you're often more likely to find a third district cop along that stretch of the bayou than a first district cop. That seems to lead to problems when people flag down the first cop that they see. At least, I assume that was the problem in my case. I don't blame the third district police because the Circle K on Esplanade never re-opened, but...
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